01 Jul 2002
NarCONon crooks surrender


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From: Crackpots
To: IDAJ007@aol.com
Date: 01 Jul 2002
Subject: NarCONon crooks surrender

I've received a photocopy of a letter sent by the NarCONon crooks to the city of Bowdon, Georgia wherein the crooks announce their surrender. I'll have to post the text right now and, if nobody else posts the photograph by the time I [censored], I'll also post the photocopy of the letter.

Now that the Bowdon incident has been resolved I'll be able to add all the e-mails and letters and everything to the Crackpots.ORB web site that specifically addresses the NarCONon fraud. I hope that the events which took place in that small township serve as something of a standard for activists and for local governments who likewise face the threat of Scientology.

This was the second time in my knowledge that the Internet played a massively important role in opposing organized crime of this level. The next time a quack medical fraud tries to set up shop in a town -- whether it's a Scientology criminal enterprise or some other quack medical scam making use of "faith based charoty" tax dollars or tax-money-based "school voucher" frauds, I'd hope that the lesson of Bowdon is well disseminated among other townships which find such frauds attempting to set up operations.


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