01 Jul 2002
Narconon cult surrenders


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From: Crackpots
To: [censored]
Date: 01 Jul 2002
Subject: Narconon

Someone said:

> In case you have not seen a copy of this letter,
> I have attached a scanned copy.

Thank you!!! I'll dump those puppies to paper and get then transcribed and post them today. I'll also have to add the whole Bowden stuff to Crackpots.ORG which I haven't done yet since I was waiting for resolution.

I like their reasons... It wasn't because the citizens of Bowdon were talking about lynching the crooks or riding them out tarred and feathered on rails, no... It was "discovered" that the facility would not be able to keep up with the number of rubes being swindled. Now we get to see where these crooks pop up next. Any bet that the facility they try to purchase in the next unsuspecting township is the same size as the one they tried to acquire in Bowdon?

Now the big question is, where will these people pop up next in Georgia?

This was a first in the United States, to my knowledge, where the Internet provided the mountain of information local citizens and the local media needed to discover on-the-fly everything they needed to know about an organization that threatened to set up shop in a township. The previous one was Gloschestershire in the United Kingdom. In both cases once the local citizens were made well aware of the lies and deceptions as well as the _criminal_ history of the notorious organization, the township mobilized to protect themselves.

I'd like to hope that Bowdon will become something of a centerpiece for future episodes -- of not only Scientology trying to pull the same old Carpet Bagger stunt but all like minded quackery scams which will without doubt launch up in greater numbers across the United States thanks to the unfortunate notion that tax money can be applied toward religious schools. Coupled to tax-subsidized "faith based charities" and we can expect to see many more Scientology-like frauds and scams launch up accross the board.

Thanks for the information you've provided. It's _great_ seeing activists so well plugged in and connected.


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