10 May 2002
Newspaper visited by numerous local policiticians


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10 May 2002

jpilkonis1@aol.com (JPilkonis1)

Over the past few days, the offices of the Carroll Star News has been visited by numerous local policiticians, including members of the planning and zoning commission and the board of commissioners.

Almost invariably, they are asking to go through the stack of information I've gathered on Narconon. This, I think, isn't so much in response of what I've written but rather to a flood of mail these people are receiving from concerned citizens. One of the county commissioners reported more mail than he's ever received in his career, even though Bowdon isn't in his district.

The fact is that none of them want to be tagged as someone who allowed a potential cult into the county - especially in light of the recent arrests involving another cult who was running a child prostitution ring in Georgia.

It looks as though the grassroots movement will eventually kill Narconon's chances here in Carroll County.

Just thought you'd like to know.



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