08 May 2002
More good news Tigger responds to reporter


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More good news
08 May 2002

jpilkonis1@aol.com wrote:

> Last night, the Carroll County Board of
> Commissioners voted for a four-month
> moratorium on applications for
> institutions such as Narconon. While the
> commission did not state that this
> decision was directed at any group in
> particular, one of the commissioners
> approached my publisher - I wasn't
> covering the meeting, Bill was - and
> said, "That ought to take care of
> Narconon for a little while," and thanked
> Bill for bringing them to the
> commission's attention. This is very
> significant, because apparently, now the
> commission is doing their own research.
> To any critics out there, I pose this
> question: which would you prefer: that
> the commission is well-informed or
> ignorant? Answer that question
> honestly...to yourself.

> Bottom line is that our ultimate goal is to
> keep the public as well-informed as we
> can...though to some, the thought must
> be terrifying.

> Finally, to the thoughtful person who
> caught my split infinitive: It's called
> "STYLE," fool.

> Love,
> JP

boobookittyone@webtv.net (Tigger) wrote:

Hi JP,

There was a "moratorium" in Oklahoma too. But 15 years later, Narconon is still in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Mental Health Board declared the Narconon Program unsafe and ineffective, but it's still operating and licensed by the state of Oklahoma 15 years later.

The Scientologists found a loophole in the law that said such facilities must be accredtied by the Okla. State Mental Health Board. They bought accreditation from C.A.R.F. in Arizonia. The state had spent millions and could see no end in sight, so Narconon, still unsafe and ineffective, is still operating in Oklahoma.

So don't think that public awareness or professional awarenesss or state official awareness will be the end of it. Keep your eyes open, your head up and your ass covered. And that goes for the public, the medical professionals, the state officials and the legal system too.



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