05 May 2002
Congratulations, buddy. You proved my point. In spades.


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05 May 2002

jpilkonis1@aol.com (JPilkonis1)

First of all, you proceed from the assumption that my post includes a complete detailing of what was asked. Far from it. Consider it a "highlights" reel. Second, I should point out that the tone of the conversation was quite civil. Third, what the hell would you suggest I ask these people, fool? If they're enjoying the weather?

Bear in mind that this was an uninvited appearance, that these were people who have already established their disingenuousness, and that I already have enough of their propoganda piled on my desk to account for the defoliation of a major percentage of the rain forest, and none of it rings true.

You know what's most interesting about all this, though? The thing I was most skeptical about when I got into this was whether Scientologists were really as nasty, closed minded and manipulative as the Anti-Scientologists claim they were.

Congratulations, buddy. You proved my point. In spades. You're the second of your type that has reacted to what I've written in this fashion. I know that some people equate nastiness with effective debating skills, but I'm not one of them.

If Narconon is truly interested in helping people, then they need to find locations where people want their help... not try to bully whomever they target into submitting to them Period.


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