04 May 2002
What would you ask Scientology's Narconon?


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Subject: Give me some help here....
Date: 04 May 2002

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jpilkonis1@aol.com wrote:

> Since the Narconon cronies are due at the offices of
> The Carroll Star News on Tuesday, I'd love to have a nice
> fat list of questions to toss their way. Since you people
> would know better than me where the soft underbelly of the
> organization can be found, maybe you can suggest some
> questions to ask. I know you won't let me down.

Crackpots wrote:

1) Why don't they want people to know they're actually Scientology? Why don't they state upfront that Narconon is actually Scientology? Why do they have to hide behind so many fake names like "Drug Free Marshalls" and so many other fake fronts? Is it because they know everyone would immediately twigg to the fact that Narconon is a quack medical scam and a financial fraud?

2) If Scientology's "Purification Rundown" actually worked and had the magical success rates Scientology claims, why isn't every drug treatment, addiction rehabilitation center in the world using it? Other treatments -- like methadone -- with a proven, testable, verifiable success history get in to published peer-reviewed journals and it's used around the world. If Scientology actually had the success rates they claim, why isn't it being used anywhere?

3) If they want to persist in claiming that Narconon some how isn't Scientology, why claim "religious persecution" when Narconon's quack medical scams are opposed? For that matter why did the IRS in 1993 enumerate Narconon as a Scientology business and why did Scientology agree? And for that matter, if Scientoloy isn't Narconon then why does Scientology itself claim it is under the banner of the other fake front called A.B.L.E.? Why doesn't Scientology's writings state that "Narconon is the bridge to the Bridge?" For that matter, why do they have victims read their mad messiah's insane lunatic rantings?

4) Where's the peer-reviewed medical journal references which support Scientology's magical claims? Why doesn't Scientology provide the testable, verifiable, clinical studies performed to back up their magical, totally outrageous success rate claims?

5) Why does not a single qualified medical doctor speaking within his or her venue who isn't a Scientologist express support for the Scientology organization's quack "Purification Rundown" ritual?

6) Why does Scientology think that their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard was qualified to even comment upon drug and alcohol addiction inasmuch as Hubbard had no medical training and no medical experience and in fact suffered from extensive drug and alcohol abuse problems himself?

7) Why did Scientology lie about being affiliated with or endorsed by the Concerned Black Clergy organization when the CBC stated outright that they have no idea what Scientology's claims are and are not in any way connected with the Scientology scam whatsoever? Why did they lie about C. Evertt Koop's condemnation of Scientology's quack medical fraud allegedly being "recanted?" Why did they go door-to-door asking people if they think drug treatment facilities "are good" and then later claim that those who answered in the affirmative "endorsed" Scientology? Is there a reason why Scientologists have to lie every time they open their fucking yaps?

8) If Scientology's "Purifiction Rundown" actually worked, why couldn't it help their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard stop his massive drug and alcohol abuse problems? Why was Hubbard found dead with an ass full of visteral and needle tracks on his ass being hid under a bandaid as reported in his autopsy report?

9) [censored] Why don't they mention the fact that alien infestation is the cause for all of humanity's emotional, mental, psychological, and physiological problems and that only Scientology has the "technology" to "blow" these BTs?

10) Why do ex-Scientologists who used to work for the Narconon scam admit in affidavit after affidavit, court deposition, declaration, and on the witness stand time after time that Narconon is merely a recruitment fromt for the notorious Scientology organization? Is it all a Marcabian conspiracy from outerspace?

11) Why don't long-time Scientologists know about Xenu, Body Thetans, flying saucers, and all the core beliefs of Scientology when they've been in for so long, have spent consideral amounts of dollars, have read OT3, and yet still can't admit the fact that they know who Xenu is, what BTs, and are ashamed to admit it?


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