02 May 2002
A surprise visit from the Narco-weenies...


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From: Crackpots
To: jpilkonis1@aol.com
Subject: A surprise visit from the Narco-weenies...
Date: 02 May 2002

JPilkonis1 wrote:

Posted to a.r.s and e-mailed.

> Well, guys, this afternoon, we got two Narconon-related visits
> at the office. The first was a man who was the father of one
> of the program's "success" stories, who related the tale of
> how her daughter, a drug addict since junior high, was "saved"
> through the program.


So they continued to lie through their teeth like a bunch of organized crime racketeering crooks -- my opinion only. What a surprise. They're supposed to practice what they call "TR-L" -- "Training Routine Lie" -- which is supposed to -- in Hubbard's words -- "outflow false data convincingly." In other words, to use Scientology's terms, they "didn't have their TRs in" and their lies were blatantly obvious.

Did they ever get back to you with the "recanting" of C. Everett Koop's comments about Narconon on the http://www.Crackpots.ORG/ web site?

Also it was reported that the crooks in Oklahoma -- my opinion only -- are allegedly telling callers that my web site -- Crackpots.ORG -- is run by a drug manufacturing company that manufactures methadone. Presumably they're telling callers that so they they'll think they can ignore the undeniable evidence accumulated on that web site.

And it's amusing to observe these crooks -- my opinion only -- seem to think that the press in your township are the blame when in fact the whole damn township ramped up and twigged to the scam pretty much on their own and it was your paper that started digging, did the research, and simply reported the facts -- and every damn fact that was reported by your paper are backed by a mountain of evidence. I don't think I recall a single unsupported opinion.

<heh> See, they have to find the "SP" which kept them from sneaking into town by putting one over on the local rubes. They can't conceive of the notion that lots of people in town have Internet access and got the dope -- pun intended -- on the Narconon scam. No, accoring to Hubbard policy there's a "SP" that has to be uncovered to account for the embarrassing exposures and the idiots seem to think it's the Carroll Star News since they covered the news.

JP, I hope these idiots never twigg to the fact that the Internet undoes them.

Sue Horn, our editor, asked whether they were hourly or
> salaried employees. After visibly hesitating, one said, "I'm
> a volunteer..." and the other, picking up on what he was
> "supposed" to say, eventually said the same thing.

<laughing> TRs are out.

>I asked what body Thetans were, as per Rev. Crackpot's advice.
>They both played dumb. (They weren't really good at it.)

So they claimed to not even know what Scientology is all about. How amusing. Presumably they're willing to blatantly lie to the citizens of Bowdon and to the press for Scientology which means that they've been in long enough to subject themselves to brainwashing which would remove any ethics or morals they started out with. They should have been in long enough to know about Xenu, Body Thetans, OT3, the flying saucers et al.

And yet they claim to know nothing about Scientology's core "beliefs."

Bart Cater, a member of the Board of Education who just
> happened to be hanging around the office, took them to
> task about their claims (at the zoning meeting) of having
> a working relationship with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
> in Bowdon. Not only had the Scouts denied such a
> relationship, they had mentioned that Bart was not the
> first person to pose such a question. When confronted
> with this, once more, our visitors played dumb, and
> promised to "look into it" for us.

They'll FAX that to you. }:-} And you know the CBC claim turned out to be an outright blatant lie, too. You should report on that lie as well.

But the coup de grace came from our publisher, the
> fearless Bill Chappell. Towards the end of the meeting,
> Bill said, "We've heard a lot of rumors about you.
> I don't know which are true and which are not. But
> remember that if you come after JP, you're coming
> after me, too, and if you're coming after me... well,
> welcome to Carroll County, boys...." Reverse
> intimidation to say the least.

<smile> Georgia boys, don't fuck with.

> Bill cut the meeting short because Thursday is
> our deadline day, but invited >them back next Tuesday.
> I wonder whether they'll be back at all.

That's funny because Thursday at 2:00 p.m. is also _their_ deadline for their "stats" reports each cult office has to file with their head ringleaders.

Sorry this is so long, but I figured you guys would
> appreciate a detailed report. And by the way, we got
> copies of the official paperwork that says they'll
> be presenting a new re-zoning application not at the
> May meeting but in June. They also bring their case
> before the county commission in July. (The commission
> has a reputation for overturning zoning board
> recommendations, so it's a wild card for them.)

They're going to wait until after the McPherson murder civil trial has either been settled out of court or has been in session for 10 days. I wonder if that means they're waiting until their shyster lawyers -- my opinion only -- are free to sue the living fuck out of Bowdon/Carrollton and the State of Georgia by claiming religious discrimination while at the same time stamping their little feet and demanding that Narconon some how isn't Scientology.

>I'll keep you guys posted as further developments happen.

Thanks, JP. Always good to hear news from the trenches.

>J. Pilkonis


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