01 May 2002
Still more news from the front...


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Subject: Still more news from the front...
Date: 01 May 2002

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jpilkonis1@aol.com (JPilkonis1)

Just thought I'd fill you in on the little tidbit that happened today. We got another call from a Narconon crony - same one who was demanding faxes of my work yesterday. Her question today was: "Are you planning any editorial board meetings concerning Narconon? If so, I'd like to have some input..." My - truthful - answer was: "No." The subtext was: "Are you KIDDING me?"

By the way, to those who have warned me about what my employers might think of my activities: The Carroll Star News has a reputation of absolute tenacity, especially when it comes to local political corruption. We are genuinely feared by the less-than-pristine members of our local government.

Our publisher, Bill Chappell, is a fearless man, and when word came in on possible intimidation tactics, there was a fire in his eyes, and a twinkle in his eye. He was looking forward to it.

Realistically, I think Narconon is finished here in Carroll County. The local citizenry are just too fired up about it. (Baptists get downright ornery at times; hell, they think Catholics are cultists.)

Apart from this week's column, and a little "reminder" story before the next zoning commission meeting, the story is just about finished here...unless, as my publisher puts it, "they want to make a front page story for us..."

As far as posting my material on the web, I'm in the process of (finally) building a Star News web site, part of which will be an archive of my weekly columns. I'll pass on the URL as soon as it's up. (We're looking to launch next week.)

By the way, you guys are a lively bunch.



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