01 May 2002
Did Susan Webb get caught in a lie? <smile>


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Date: 01 May 2002
To: Tilman Hausherr <tilman@berlin.snafu.de>
From: Crackpots
Subject: Did Susan Webb get caught in a lie? <smile>

At 11:15 PM 01/05/2002 +0200, you wrote:
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>> Public meeting to be held to consider proposed new drug rehab center
>> By J. Pilkonis

> What is the date of this article?

That I don't know, there was not on the JPG file that I was sent. Barb may know. <bwarr1@cox.net> And another update is expected to come out and Barb will be sent a copy directly from the author this time. The small obscure paper got world-wide exposure and it's not just activists were were watching what went on since the bastards have tried to get in to other towns.

You wouldn't believe what Scientology did when they were in town. Unbelievable, even for them. Scientology told the reporter that they were endorsed by the Concerned Black Clergy out of Atlanta. When the CBC was contacted <RevTMac@aol.com> they confirmed that they have no idea who Scientology is and what they're claiming, confirming that Scientology lied about being endorsed by the CBC.

Also, I don't know if you were there in #ScientologyLIES last night or the previous day but the cult went door-to-door asking people questions.

"Do you think drug treatment facilities are a good thing?" If they answered in the affirmative, Scientology claimed they -- the citizens -- endorsed Narconon.

It's far from over so far as Scientology is concerned but they're through in Bowden/Carrollton. The cult demanded to be given editorial copies of articles the paper plans to publish before publication -- can you imagine the fucker's audacity?


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