01 May 2002


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Date: 01 May 2002
To: bwarr1@cox.net
From: Crackpots
Subject: Bowdon

At 01:08 PM 01/05/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Crackpots wrote:

>> Man, I hope JP will contact the CBC and ask so that
>> he (JP) can report this deliberate lie in his next
>> article. Can you imagine these people's audacity? Do
>> you know why they think they can get away with it? The
>> Scientology cult doesn't seem to have learned that the
>> Internet means their claims can be checked out and
>> either verified or confirmed within mere hours.

> I'm sure he will. It's an easily verifiable fact. You know,
> I think they still do this because it has worked in the past
> so easily for them. The bad old days, before the internet.
> Here we are, [censored] tells him, he tells us, we get
> back to Bowdon in a heartbeat with all kinds of tasty info
> before the clams can even inhale. It's just beautiful!

I hope they never learn.

>> Hopefully this amusing fact won't get to a.r.s just
>> yet but I'd like to report it to activists in the
>> #ScientologyLIES IRC this evening at around 6:30 p.m.
>> Pacific.

> I posted about the 2 major lies from the cult in this
> case; Susan Webb's insistance that Scn and Narconon
> aren't related, and the CBC thing. However, it's prolly
> lost in the flurry of crap from the Mintonistas and
> Branch Dandarians, lol.

Good frocking grief, I saw that "Branch Dandarians" stupidity and skipped right past it. I'm erasing about 90% of a.r.s from the headers before downloading the rest.

I suppose it doesn't matter that the cult knows that activists knows they lied about CBC lie. I was thinking that they may go visit the CBC guy and lean on him to not answer JPs questions if JP calls -- claim a lawsuit is in the works or something so that the CBC won't answer questions. Scientology would do that.

But it _is_ good to know. If activists weren't busy ripping each other apart, it would be cool to see that spark of amusing news shining out in a.r.s. As it is a number of long-time activists have left in disgust. Only on IRC does the news spread fast, it seems.

>> Can you believe these people?

> Believe them? Hell no! When their lips are movin, they're lying!
> hahahahaha!!!

> This has been a really sweet run for us. AFAIK, it's only been
> the three of us on this; [censored], you, and me.

And [censored], And one other activist in the general area. And whoever it was that organized the petition -- I never did find out who got the petition rolling.

> Maybe the clams thought they could pull this off
> because everybody is focussed on the court
> shit out of CW. Guess they thought wrong,
> bwahahahaha! Somebody's gotta stand watch!

Jeeze, I wonder if that's it. That has a ring of possibility behind it. Except that I doubt they schedule their little frauds around a.r.s posters. }:-}


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