01 May 2002
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Date: 01 May 2002
To: bwarr1@cox.net
From: Crackpots
Subject: Information you might be interested in

At 01:03 PM 01/05/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Crackpots wrote:
>> At 11:01 PM 30/04/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>>> Here's the good Rev's response, cuz...it's
>>> another lie brought to you by Scientology!
>> Those fucks! Did you inform JP?

[censored] No point in posting it to ARS, they're too involved with Bob bashing over there. But I think you'll enjoy reading this.

That's what I was thinking. The people in IRC might like to know since pople like [censored]. and [censored] have been looking at the names and trying to find them in their lists and records. How amusing! Did they think they could get away with it?

> Here's what he wrote me today:
> Don't worry at all about bothering me. [censored]
> Regarding Concerned Black Clergy: I directly asked
> Narconon rep Tony Mariani who it was "hosting"
> Narconon in Atlanta. At first, he refused to answer,
> citing privacy issues. When I put the heat on, he said
> he'd have to check first then call back. He finally did
> call back with the name. Your information is MOST
> interesting.

Man, if I were the CBC I'd be screaming blood murder.

> Even though yesterday was a "no show" by the Narco-nuts,

<laughing> Journalistic detachment. <smile>

> we did receive three phone calls, two asking for
> faxes of the story I wrote last week, and one -
> this afternoon - asking if we were going to have
> any "editorial board meetings" regarding
> Narconon.


> The unofficial stance my publication is taking
> toward them is one of rididule, and my opinion column
> this week is entitled: "Holy Dianetics, Batman!
> The Narco-weenies are after me!" I'll send you
> a copy if you like.

Oh man, I can't wait for that one.

> Narconon is done in Bowdon, trust me. The people started the
> movement and I've helped them drive the stake through their
> twisted hearts.

> Now, if only I could get them to do a hate page
> on me... That'd be second only to a Pulitzer...

Hell, this little newspaper got world-wide exposure and got noticed. The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Licensing Board in Sacramento asked for a copy of the article and I can only hope they're going to telephone JP. The Licensing Board is looking at allegations of violations of the licening rules at the Narconon facility in Northern California and my feeling is that the State of California is looking for a good solid handle to throw the bastards out.

I'll call the Licensing Board to see if they're going to call and if they need JP's phone number.


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