01 May 2002
A Comment from your IUMA web page!


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Date: 01 May 2002
To: [censored]
From: Crackpots
Subject: A Comment from your IUMA web page!

On a forward from JP

> [censored]
> No, no, I'm not upset. It's flattering! I was just having a
> hard time tracing how everyone was finding out about this.
> My opinion column this week is called, "Holy Dianetics,
> Batman! The Narco-weenies are after me!". If you want, I
> could e-mail you a copy. Makes for interesting reading.

You might mention to him that the Carroll Star News got world-wide attention not only among activists but among a number of government agencies here in California, one of which I think is looking at whether they want to give JP a telephone call to see if he'll describe some of the dishonest statements that Narconon made to him and to other citizens of Bowden. State agencies hear about this all the time but they like to hear it first-hand where possible.

I hope they call JP or at least call to request updates on events because it's germain to an investigation into Narconon taking place here in California -- the dishonesty and the false claims is bunko and it seems to me that the State of California has been trying to find a good solid handle to use to throw the bastards out of the State entirely without getting SLAPP sued -- which Scientology would do immediately if their license is pulled.

The State Drug and Alcohol Program Licensing Board out of Sacramento, California, our State Capital, had a staffer ask me for a copy of the article, having heard about it from someone who went through Narconon and was medically damaged and got the article from someone else. I have been forwarding e-mail complaints sent to me by people about Narconon to that State Licensing Agency routinely over the past year and I'm aware that that Agency has been investigating allegations of violations of a number of licensing rules at the Narconon facility in Northern California. Among the most serious violation was the number of people they were "treating" at one time exceeded their State allottment.

Even more amusing was that Gloucestershire also got a copy of the article and copies of the article are being passed around that township electronically and dumpped to paper. What Narconon tried to do in Bowden they tried to do in Gloucestershire first. }:-}

The age of the Internet. }:-}

For that matter, maybe JP would like contact information for the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Licensing Agency directly and maybe JP could ask them about their on-going investigation into Narconon in Northern California. I have the address and phone number if so and can provide it.


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