30 Apr 2002
Newspaper article in ASCII


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Date: 30 Apr 2002
To: bwarr1@cox.net
From: Crackpots
Subject: Newspaper article in ASCII

>> E-mail him! }:-} I will also and ask if they
>> gave permission for Scientology to claim that the
>> Concerned Black Clergy endorses Scientology.

> I just emailed him. I tried to keep it down so
> I'd at least sound reasonably sane :) but invited
> him to contact me if he wishes further information.

It should be interesting to see how he reacts to two people sending him the same query. }:-}

>> This is the first time they tried to set up shop in
>> Bowdon. That failed. On May 21'st they have another
>> try using an obscure loophole to bypass the rezoning
>> requirements. That's got to fail since the citizens
>> are damn near up in arms.

> I sincerely hope it does! I got email from that J. Pilkonis.
> He had this to say:
> Actually, Barb, I've been HEARING about what these
> clowns are supposed to be up to that has actually
> happened. Last Thursday, an Narconon representative
> asked to meet with me this morning. They never showed
> up, but we've been swamped with e-mails from
> anti-Scientology people saying they'd heard that I
> was going to be visited and offering support. I
> don't for a minute think this is over
> with, but it sure does make the day more exciting.

<smile> I don't doubt it. They tried to frighten him, maybe, by claiming they would send a half a dozen cultists out to "visit" with him. Maybe the bastards couldn't come up with even two cultists.

> He has no idea how "exciting" it can get! LOL!



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