NarCONon fraud also claims to remove radiation from human tissue


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Scientology lies about everything they do and sell so profoundly that there's often little reason to examine their claims closely. The claims are usually so outrageous and so obviously false that it's a wonder there are suckers out there in the real world so profoundly clueless that they would actually believe some of this criminal enterprise's outrageous claims (see for another example the actual Navy history of their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard.)

Every now and then a Scientology claim comes along that manages to rise above the rest to warrant special notice if only for the sheer audacity of the fraudulent claim. This one covers the criminal enterprise's claim that their quack medical scam they call their "Purification Rundown" can actually remove radiation from human tissue! In other words Scientology is claiming that nuclear physics is completely wrong some how.

The reason why Scientology came up with this obviously mistaken notion is because it sprang from the of their mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was addicted to drugs which contributed to his spiral into insanity and his own "Purification Rundown" didn't do him any good. Indeed, Hubbard died with a butt shot full of the mind-altering drug Visterol, leaving needle marks that a Scientologist tried to hide from the medical examinor by putting a band-aid over them.

Hubbard's insane notions about radiation can be read in early versions of the profoundly amusing book, "All About Radiation" that Hubbard came up with one day. Later versions of the book have been released by the criminal enterprise which has many of the more embarrassing sections removed so to really get a good look at the sheer insanity of Hubbard and his quack medical notions concerning radiation and his "Purification Rundown" fraud, you need to find an early version written before 1986, the year of his bizarre death and the start of the massive alterations of all his writings.

Scientology likes to claim that what it does is science and that there are actual scientists that support their quack notions. Since those are lies, Scientology has a history of creating what they call "Suitable Guises" which are fake fronts consisting of Scientologists who claim to be otherwise yet which also support Scientology's unevidenced, unworkable, outrageous claims. And of course Scientology never mentions the names of any real scientists speaking within their venue who support their dangerous frauds, names that can actually be tested and verified. (What human rights and free speech rights activists usually find is that the "scientists" are actually Scientologists who have read some of Hubbard's insane writings and now call themselves scientists -- just as Scientology sells writings to followers that, after being read, suddenly make their followers "ministers" and "reverends.")

What follows is such a claim that was posted into a discussion forum that doesn't allow anything truthful, factual, or testable to be posted in it about Scientology and what it really stands for. The forum's moderator reportedly erases any factual posting. These lies, then, appear to be intended for the remaining customers of Scientology who are already purchasing the criminal enterprise's dubious services.

Notice the lack of any testable references which could be used to evidence the claims to be total fabrications. Also I've provided a link to one of the available texts which contains even more obvious falsehoods which also contains nothing that anyone could conceivably check out to verify the claims for herself.

Background: International Conference on Human Detoxification

Yes, some of the claims are marginally testable but they're far too vague to pin down. For example the criminal enterprise claims that the World Health Organization actually endorses the quack medical fraud. WHO is an extremely large organization and giving them a telephone call or an e-mail to ask them to address Scientology's claim yields the statement that no such endorsement can be found -- which is hardly surprising but doesn't debunk or support the claim.

WHO does maintain a web site, however, as do some of the other agencies Scientology mentions below, and searches of all their web sites fail to turn up any mention of Scientology, their Narconon scam, or Scientology's quack medical fraud. I have e-mails out to these organizations that the notorious cult is lying about and hopefully I'll be able to append their replies to this exposure.

"A Missing Link in Drug Addiction Treatment: Sweating the Drugs Out"
Townsend Letters for Doctors and Patients
Townsend Letters for Doctors and Patients (1996)

Numerous scientific studies have been published validating the effectiveness of the Purification program, described in the book ClearBody, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard. Here is just one of them:

"Officials of the Narconon program have known since 1979 that drugs of all kinds store in the body and cause lots of problems for the drug addict. Since 1979, Narconon has been quietly doing something about it. They have been sweating drugs out of the body.

Recently in Los Angeles, California, Narconon's President, John Duff, joined with an international group of researchers, physicians, government officials, environmentalists, drug rehabilitation experts, and healthcare professionals to address one of the most critical public health problems of the coming century: the accumulation of toxic chemicals, including drugs, in the human body.

Representatives from Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States participated in the first International Conference on Human Detoxification. Research presentations, panel discussions, and lectures focused on the role of detoxification -- reducing body accumulations of foreign chemicals -- in handling problems ranging from radiation exposure and chemically-caused illness to drug addiction.

The conference was perhaps the first ever to bring environmental health experts and drug rehabilitation specialists together to discuss body accumulations of chemical contaminants and drug residues as similar problems. It was unique in another way: though delegates represented a wide range of disciplines and organization affiliations, the majority had extensive hands-on experience with a detoxification program developed in the late 1970s by researcher and writer L. Ron Hubbard.

Over the last decade, international organizations including the World Health Organization, the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Society of Occupational and Environmental Health, and the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) have published peer-reviewed papers on the Hubbard procedure. A key element of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, is that it is also utilized in medical and humanitarian efforts to remedy effects of chemical and radiation exposures. It is the only procedure broadly documented to be safe and effective in reducing toxic body burdens."

The article describes the broad body of peer-reviewed research data about the "Hubbard procedure," as it is called in the article, validating it as the only known way to reduce levels of drug metabolites (residues) in the body. It also talks about the successful use of the "Hubbard procedure" in treatment of victims of radiation exposure, such as those at Chernobyl.

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