North County Times: Scientology's Narconon at Warner Springs: Barb's Letter


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North County Times: Scientology's Narconon at Warner Springs: Barb's Letter

22 Jun 2003

barb writes a letter to


I was sorry to see that several politicians gave the Narconon facility in Warner Springs validation by attending their grand opening. Narconon is a front group for the Scientology organization, which is considered by many to be an assimilative cult. Narconon courses are identical to indoctrination courses purchased by students of Scientology.

Many a hopeful family has spent thousands of dollars on this spurious rehab program, only to find their loved one switching addictions from drugs to Scientology. Narconon representatives often deny the connection, but the fact is, Narconon IS Scientology, and people should be made aware of that before pulling out their wallet.

Narconon is based on the junk science of L. Ron Hubbard, a college dropout with a degree purchased from a diploma mill. Its detox process can be dangerous to people with impaired liver function, as toxic doses of niacin are given, along with cooking oil cocktails and extensive exercise and sauna treatments.

If the Board of Supervisors had done any research outside of the propaganda provided to them by Narconon representatives, I am positive they never would have approved this facility. The few reviews of the Narconon program by qualified medical personnel are overwhelmingly negative.

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop had this to say about Scientology/Narconon's "purification" process as described in the book, "Diet for a Poisoned Planet",

"My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it. You don't need it. I'm not sure it does what this book describes. It's dangerous. I don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world. The author's suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health. " - C. Everett Koop, M.D.

The Scientology organization is well known for harassing people who speak out against them. Following my announcement that I planned to speak the Board of Supervisor's meeting in opposition to approving Narconon's facility, I received a visit from two detectives from the Criminal Intelligence Unit, the SDPD task force which focusses on domestic terrorism. It seems that someone phoned in an anonymous complaint about me, which prompted an immediate waste of city resources by launching an inquiry. The nature of the complaint was a suggestion that I had plans to blow up the "Church" of Scientology in San Diego.

This absurd accusation came the week before the Board of Supervisor's meeting. This is a typical intimidation tactic used by Scientology to harrass and silence anyone who tries to oppose their goals.

A good place to research Narconon outside of the Scientology PR material is

Unfortunately, this website was launched far too late to help inform the Board of Supervisors. It could help other communities which are targetted by Scientology for a Narconon facility, as well as people who are considering spending money on their ineffective, dangerous program.

barbara graham
san diego, ca 92138


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