No wonder Scientology hates the internet


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No wonder Scientology hates the internet
21 May 2004

Here's something I put together for a reporter who is interested in Scientology's attempts to insinuate itself covertly into the wog world. Steamed clams, anyone?

Here's the story: back in February 2003, the Reno Gazette published an article about the Nevada Department of Corrections considering the Second Chance program for rehabilitating drug addicted inmates. Second Chance, it should be noted, is a front group of a front group, Narconon.

The article mentioned that the Nevada legislature was considering an all-expense paid trip to Ensenada, Mexico to visit the Second Chance program established there. The article said the trip was to be funded by an anonymous "humanitarian" in Arizona. He was later revealed to be one Russell Suggs, a businessman and Scientologist. Interestingly enough, just prior to the publishing of the article, Mr. Suggs' "I Am A Scientologist" web page was taken down from the Scientology website. Almost as if somebody didn't want his connection to the cult revealed...we found his cult webpage with the Wayback Machine, at

After I read the article, I emailed every member of the Nevada legislature, informing them of Second Chance's links to Narconon and Scientology, including URLs to websites dedicated to exposing Narconon for the ineffective junk science that it is. So did historian Chris Owen, whose letter is archived here:

My own letter is here:

Apparently, quite a few of them went to the sites and read them, and the Nevada Legislature turned down the offer. Of the group, only Sharron Angle was disappointed.

Sharron Angle is a a State Director for the National Foundation of Women Legislators, . And this brings us to the whole point of my contacting you. The NFWL is just the kind of organization the cult likes to target. Access to politicians who can promote their programs is a high priority for Scientology. And a national organization of legislators is a prize if the cult can get to them.

The NFWL has been promoting Scientology platforms and issues. Members have spoken out in support of CCHR's position regarding the use of Ritalin and SSRIs such as Prozac. The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights is another Scientology front group which has latched on to a social issue (drugging school kids) to promote its real agenda, the destruction of the mental health industry. Scientology's agenda includes the eradication of the mental health field altogether. The CCHR website lauds the NFWL in this article:

...and here's evidence that the NFWL promotes Scientology political agenda:

The CCHR also sells and promotes this book, "Psychiatrists, the Men Behind Hitler." Reading the book review from this Scientology magazine page should give you a taste of CCHR's position:

And best of all, their president, Bruce Wiseman, is the treasurer for the National Foundation of Women Legislators:

Then there's Joy Westrum, "Private Sector Chair of the Crime, Justice, Terrorism & Substance Abuse Policy Committee." These committees suggest policy, which I find very disturbing when Scientology's agendas are involved. Policies such as this one, which promotes Second Chance:

Are you getting bored yet? Because, I'm afraid there's still a bit more to go.

Have a look at Second Chance's website here:

Notice that one of the first things mentioned about Second Chance is that it's a "unique non-religious and non-medical prison-based crime and drug rehabilitation model."

Many Scientology front groups insist that they're not "religious" in nature, merely "Based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard." Yet, research and personal accounts reveal that the Narconon courses are identical to the ones sold to customers under the Scientology religious banner.

The site includes this paragraph,

"Through a licensing agreement with Criminon International, the Second Chance Program, Inc. uses research discoveries in the field of education and drug and criminal rehabilitation made by American researcher and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard.:

(Oh, lordy! There's so much information on L. Ron Hubbard, I don't know where to begin! Pathological liar, college dropout, phony war hero, a man who purchased a doctorate from Soquoia University's diploma mill, a man who cynically formed a religion because his Dianetics program was coming under fire from the FDA, a man who dabbled in black magic with Jack Parsons, an Aleister Crowley devotee... Let's just say his research was mostly drug induced, and if vegetarians are people who eat vegetables, Hubbard was indeed a humanitarian.)

It all sounds pretty good until you compare their claims (remember, Second Chance is Narconon behind another curtain) with the information on these non-Scientology related website here:

This newly posted personal account of one man's Narconon experience is very revealing:

Yeah, Narconon isn't Scientology, and Scientology isn't Second Chance, and the National Foundation of Women Legislators isn't being used as a dupe by a religion because Narconon, Second Chance and CCHR aren't religious, they're just "based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard!

Okay, I'm done here. Looking at all these sites makes me want to yak up everything I've eaten since Thanksgiving.

The Narconon attempt to infiltrate public schools, and the fact that San Francisco was chosen to be the first of a statewide program is covered.

This is even bigger, and nobody has addressed it. Yet.


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