Thomas J Best writes to GO/OSA about Scientology's medical fraud


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Quackery prosecuted - redux
17 Jan 2002

The Director
Office of Special Affairs
Church of Scientology Inc
201 Castlereagh Street

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have recently received brochures from your organisation advertising the 'Purification Rundown'.

The premises on which this so-called 'treatment' is based are clearly false. The promises held out in the brochures are clearly fraudulent.

Your organisation is engaged in deceptive advertising. It is selling products and services which are worthless and harmful to the physical and mental wellbeing of anyone foolish enough to purchase them. It has been doing so for many years.

I am compelled by the provisions of NSW legislation governing trade practices to make this complaint to you before pursuing the matter with the appropriate agencies.

Unless your organisation undertakes to refund all monies to those persons who have ever undertaken this so-called 'treatment', and to compensate those whose physical and mental health has been damaged, I shall forward a formal complaint to the Department of Fair Trading. I shall allow you three weeks from the date of this letter to publish notices in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, notifying that your organisation has ceased offering the 'Purification Rundown' and that full refunds and compensation are to be paid to all persons requiring them.

If you wish to contact me directly, do so only by post, email or telephone. Should you, your organisation, any agencies of your organisation, any agents directed or hired by you or your organisation, or any adherents of your organisation attempt to enter or approach my home, follow me, or contact my family, colleagues, clients, or neighbours, I shall bring charges against the perpetrators.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas J Best Telephone: nnnnnnnnn
1/3 xxxxxxxx St,
12 January 2001

Two weeks left for the cult to get going on its public amends project. In the meantime, here's an excerpt from the Fair Trading Act, Sec 4:

"dangerous' means likely to cause death or to cause injury to the body or health of a person, whether .... likely to be caused directly or indirectly and whether or not because of

(a) a failure to include... instructions
(b) instructions... that are inaccurate or inadequate
(c) failure... to function in the manner represented...
(d) not being of the quality represented
(e) necessity for, or possibility of, the use of the goods with other goods..."

Seems to me that the Purification Rundown qualifies as 'dangerous'.

How do you suppose these Sections of the Fair Trading Act might be relevant?

42. Misleading or deceptive conduct
43. Unconscionable conduct
44. False representation
47. Cash price to be stated
51. Bait advertising
53. Accepting payment without intending or
being able to supply
55. Harassment and coercion



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