Church of Scientology: Let this be a lesson to you. Narconon taught a lesson


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Church of Scientology: Let this be a lesson to you. Narconon taught a lesson

Thu, 17 Feb 2000 21:43:38 -0700

Well, I just succeeded in bringing down Narconon's pet project here in the US.

For a group that supposedly has the technology to master life, the Church of Scientology certainly isn't very bright.

Had they just given me my money back like I asked them to in the first place, I probably would have just posted a few articles on the Internet until I got bored and decided to go on with my life.

Instead they pissed me off and now I am causing (and will continue to cause) major damage.

Let this be a lesson, Church of Scientology. Clean up your act on refunds and repayments and maybe you won't have quite so many troublemakers on your hands.

Much Love,

Sean Ostler


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