Scientology and their drug sites


NarCONon is Scientology!

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"Android Cat" <>
Scientology and their drug sites
25 Apr 2004

I just spent a little bit of time cataloging some of Scientology's Narconon and drug sites. I doubt I've even scratched the surface.

This bunch is interesting because they are grouped with CoS sites in a CoS owned netblock. If any of these claim they aren't CoS, well...

Church of Scientology International CHSCIEN-10-17 (NET-198-95-10-0-1) -

Dang, for every drug, they've got a %drug%addiction page. And on every one of those pages, there's the picture of Kristie Alley (from years ago). Was she addicted to _every one_ of those drugs? Wow! Maybe I'm just grouchy from seeing her face on every damned one of those cookie-cutter pages.

(Note: If any of these sites is suddenly moved, it'll stick out like a sore BT and be logged. And I'm perhaps not posting all that I've logged.)

Ron of that ilk.


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