Narconon victim says: 'Yes I went to NARCONON AND IT SUCKED!'


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I must admit I had a pretty bad drug problem, I smoked pot, took large quantities of Valium and smoked and snorted cocaine (AKA crack). After looking into several inpatient drug programs with the help of my parents (we are all Catholic) we decided that I would goto Narconon in Chilocolo (sp) Oklahoma.

After getting to the facility I noticed right off the bat all these LRH books and crap, I have read Dianetics and found it to be completely without merit and plain ass stupid. After spending 2 days in pure hell sitting with my eyes closed and open for hours at a time, (I was having bad withdraws from the Valium and the coke) I found no point in this stupid ass rehab. I was first VERY PISSED off that these people didnot tell me that they were associated with a CULT, let alone the UFO Co$. So after 3 days in this place I "blew" as they called it, in my terms I "left the facility". Almost everyone in this place had ties to this cult and found it offensive to my religion, they also didnt tell me that they wanted me to stay for 3 TO 4 MONTHS! I couldnt believe it and left.

After about a hour walking (my car was at my parents house 60 miles away)on the highway a state trooper stoped me and said someone called from NARConon and told them I was suicidal and was going to throw myself in front of traffic. So first of all they LIE to me telling me that they had nothing to do with the Co$ and then they insult me saying that I was suicidal, those fucking bastards! So I explained to the trooper that I had very much to live for and I value my life to much to kill myself, I told him about my good paying job, my girlfriend and all this other shit. So he says that the ED from this Natzi Camp as I like to call it wants the cops to take me back there (this was at 2:00 in the morning) the cop said that since I made the descision to goto rehab I had the right to leave. But he said since they said I was suicidal that they had to take me in to get a fucking mental test to make sure I wasnt going to kill myself.

So a freaking sherrif comes along and takes me to the station now is fucking 3:30 in the morning and I have some 60 miles to walk (my parents wouldnt come and get me because these fuckers had them in a trance about how good this place was and how they werent affiliated with Co$ and all this other shit) so it only takes 5 minutes to do this pysch test to make sure I'm not suicidal and the sheffif offers to drive me all the way 60 miles to my house GOD BLESS his soul. So of course I take him up on his offer and he tells me that I am the normalest person he has seen come out of Narconon and how everyone there is a bunch of dicks and that the whole thing is a cult. So we have a nice conversation and he drops me off at my house.

This place is NO HELP at all I was going threw some serious withdrawls and they offered no help at all, the best the would do is tell me to swallow 30 vitamins at a time and that they would help, all I wanted was some fucking asprin!!!! But hell no to Co$ Vitamins are ADDICTIVE and all that they do is supress the pain, WELL HELL YES THATS WHAT THERE SUPPOSED TO DO, supress the pain until its GONE. GOD ALMIGHTY I hate the Co$, anyone have any experiences with NARCONON or anyother group that is just is just a cover for t a cult? I would be interested in hearing them. EVERYONE in this rehab either were curently cult memebers or interested in joining. The whole rehab compound had a very David Coresh look.

And now a happy ending, YES I still enjoy smoking pot (NOT NEAR WHAT I USED TO) and yes I do enjoy an occasional drink, and YES I still enjoy an occasional toot of coke or a nice blast off of the pipe (BUT NOTHING THAT CONTROLS MY LIFE LIKE IT USED TO) I would rather be hooked on drugs for the rest of my life than EVER attend a Co$ drug rehab program. And to this day my parents do not believe that the Co$ is involved in Narcocon, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NEVERNEVERNEVER Support the Co$ by using there "front" companies. Anyone have any comments?


My Experinces in NARCONON part 2

Ok here is part 2 of my story in Narconon, sorry for my spelling mistakes I am typing real fast becuase Narconon really pisses me off, thanks for reading.

Ok, so I went back to Narconon and thought if I can just play their game and get my parents off my back about getting clean. So I promised them I would do the Sauna, the only part of the program that they paid for. But first I had to do the TR's 0-9, which were eye's closed for an hour, eye's open for a hour, yell stand up and sit down to a ashtray, and answer repeditivley "Do Birds Fly?", so after a few days I passed the TR's and moved on to the sauna. The sauna program consists of sitting in a dangerously hot sauna for 5 hours a day taking very high doses of Niacin which caused my skin to turn a crazy red color, I stayed in the sauna for 21 days straight, and left the place the day after I got out it, of course there were 6 other books that I was supposed to complete, but I flat ass refused, and complained to everyone about how scientology ® was not a religion, I think they were actually glad to get me out of there. But of course it cost 14 thousand US dollars just to stay for a month, please take note that they did not have any medical doctors in the complex and they hated all doctors and psychologists, and told me over and over how they ruin peoples lives.

Sorry I dont have anymore to write, I am sick of talking about these bastards, and I am sure once I post this you will see lots of spam messages promoting Narconon members, please I am begging you do not go there, it is nothing more than a cult recruiting ground. If any one has any questions about Narconon feel free to e-mail me, I would be glad to save someone from going to this money sucking cult orgainziation. After I got out of Narconon I satisfyed my parents and went back to work, I still used drugs occasionally, but I finally sought proper medical attention and have been clean for awhile now. Thanks everyone for reading this babble, and sorry for the spelling mistakes!! Narconon and the "Church" of Scientology are nothing more than a greedy money cult who practices brainwashing.



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